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Mirrored and Obscured: Contemporary Texas Self- Portraits

  • January 18, 2014-  May 11, 2014

Mirrored and Obscured: Contemporary Texas Self-Portraits, organized by the Art Museum of Southeast Texas is a group exhibition examining a range of self-portraiture from artists all over Texas including Cedar Hill, Conroe, Dallas, El Paso, Houston, Galveston, Lubbock, Nacogdoches and San Antonio.  Self-portraits included in the exhibition are literal and non-literal.  Portraits are in many different types of media: drawing, sculpture, painting, photography, and mixed media.  The exhibit features 17 artists: Adela Andea, light sculpture; Debra Barerra, sculpture; Michael Bise, drawing; James Drake, mixed media drawings; Sharon Kopriva, sculpture; Laura Lark, drawing; Lawrence Lee, mixed media drawing; Mary McCleary, mixed media collage; Sherry Owens, sculpture; Sam Reveles, painting; Shaun Roberts, painting; Rusty Scruby, photographic reconstruction; Gael Stack, drawing; Kathy Vargas, hand-colored photograph; Jonathan Whitfill, sculpture; Ann Wood, mixed media; and Xiaoze Xie, painting.  Many of these artists are creating new pieces for the exhibit including: Debra Barrera, Sharon Kopriva, Lawrence Lee, Sherry Owens, Shaun Roberts, Jonathan Whitfill, Ann Wood, and Xiaoze Xie.


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