MULTIPLICITY: Theory, Method, and Media -

Multiplicity: Theory, Method, and Media
July 16- August 13, 2016

Curated by Jesse Meraz

My natural inclination to color, along with the generosity of sensual appeal felt when I first encountered these artists’ work, compelled me to orchestrate an exhibition to fulfill my vision.  These artists compose complex works of stunning clarity and consistent quality that contribute to the vocabulary of methods or practices in the continuum of abstract art.

The artworks undoubtedly are uniquely individualistic yet always point to universal implications, through surfaces whose gorgeousness are made emphatic by the confines of their physicality.   The artists share an affinity to skills that apply their intelligence and intuitive faculties to an ever-unfolding examination of the underlying grammar or mathematics in the absolute interlocking of the line and forms – making it challenging for the human eye to decipher any semblance of positive versus negative space.  In generating the work, these artists seize the patterns and shapes by the use of repetition of line and/or form to “stretch spaces” thus creating the illusion of breadth and depth, harmonized by the use of striking color.

My goal was to present an ensemble of artists that work in the language of multiplicity with specific media in mind.  So I set out to find work that represented the following: drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and video. To my mind, the most salient features to the developing body of work is the integrity in the way these artists work, earnestly and distinctly, yet allowing the viewer to take a journey through transformative means to reach sublimity in the most dramatic and enveloping way.




Gabriel Dawe

Susie Rosmarin

Rusty Scruby

Ricardo Paniagua

Jon Vogt