Sam Reveles - Aran



April 20 – June 1, 2013

Within the twelve paintings and works on paper presented in the exhibition, Reveles resumes his exploration into the abstract possibilities inspired by landscape and the essence of place.  Instead of the vibrant palette featured in his last exhibition, Reveles’ recent paintings display a much more subdued range of color, as grey and light blue linear masses hover over dark fields of black.  The exhibition’s title references the Aran Islands located at the mouth of Galway Bay off the west coast of Ireland, and much of the work reveals the influence of Reveles’ residency completed in Balleycastle, Ireland in 2011.

Paintings such as Karst and Dead Reckoning recall the colors of the limestone and granite formations commonly found on the Aran Islands, and Reveles combines this impression with his observations of the West Texas desert.  As Reveles explains in a recent statement:

"The geography and history of both of these places could not be more different, yet the connections and contrasts that I felt illuminated each one.  The paintings and works on paper are infused with the energy of both of these places…the consistent thread that runs through my work is a keen awareness of energy, more specifically, the energy of a particular place or area. The subtle things that one cannot put easily into words create our experience of a landscape, such as the quality of light, air, land forms, atmosphere, weather and temperature – these are of great interest to me.  I am fascinated by being in a place and experiencing it in the absolute immediacy of the present moment while simultaneously sensing its history as it echoes back through the centuries.  For me, landscape is a complicated expression of both a geographical and social magnitude."

For the past six months, Reveles has participated in UT-Dallas’ artist residency at CentralTrak, and upon completion of the program, Reveles plans to return to Ireland.  A native of El Paso, Texas, Reveles earned his M.F.A. degree from Yale University.  In 1995, Reveles’ paintings were included in the prestigious Whitney Biennial, and his work has also been exhibited at the El Paso Museum of Art, the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, and the Hammer Art Museum in Los Angeles.  The artist’s paintings are also included in the permanent museum collections of the Dallas Museum of Art, the Saint Louis Art Museum, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Centro de Arte Contemporaneo in Mexico City.