Sam Reveles in Texas Abstract

Galveston Arts Center and Ken General of Duende Art Project, in cooperation with Fresco Books and Wade Wilson Art, are pleased to present TEXAS ABSTRACT, a large group exhibition showcasing 30 of the most significant contemporary Texas abstract artists working in painting and sculpture. The exhibit's content originates from the fine art book TEXAS ABSTRACT: Modern + Contemporary, written and curated by art scholars Michael Paglia and Jim Edwards and recently released by Fresco Books.

The hardcover book, which features over 200 lavish color images documenting Texas’ unique role (past and present) in the world of abstract art, will be available at Galveston Arts Center during the exhibit.


About the Book

The appearance of abstraction in Texas in the 1930s, the development of its various currents into the 1960s, and its continued relevance in present day contemporary art, is the expansive topic of Texas Abstract: Modern + Contemporary. This effort is an unprecedented attempt to reconcile historic mid-20th century abstraction in Texas with the vibrant contemporary abstract scene flourishing now in the early 21st century. Through scores of examples, the book documents Texas's unexpected role in the history of abstact art, and in its present place in the contemporary art world.



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